Identity is all about who you are, what you think and maybe how you want to be seen. It can be all about the clothes you wear, or the places that you want to be seen in. But it can also be more fundamental than that… whether you are male or female, where you come from, your views on politics and spirituality, your sexuality…all these factors can add to your identity and your uniqueness. Sometimes though, you may not be in the most popular group and that might be causing you some problems. This section is all about places that you can go to and make the most of who you are

Multicultural Resource Centre (MCRC),
9 LowerCrescent
Tel 028 90 244639

NI Council for Ethnic Minorities(NICEM)
Tel 028 90 238645
24-31 Shaftesbury Square

The Belfast Traveller Support Group
Tel 028 90 205330
Unit 12, Blackstaff Commercial Park, 77 Springfield Road

Chinese Welfare Association University Street
Tel 028 90 288277
Indian Community Centre
86 Clifton Street
Tel 028 90 249746

NI African Culture Centre Regency House,
Upper Crescent
Tel 028 90 238742

NI Pakistani Cultural Association
8 Braniel Park
Tel 028 90 836704

NI Filipino Association
Ascot House, 24 – 31 Shaftesbury Square
Tel 028 90 238645

Many people, especially young people, are not certain of their sexuality and that’s ok. Below are some definitions that may help you but bear in mind that you don’t have to fit in with any of them. Bisexual means being attracted to both males and females and having loving relationships with either sex. Gay means you are attracted to and have loving relationships with people of the same gender as you, although more often it is used to describe men. Heterosexual means only being attracted to and having loving relationships with the opposite sex. Homosexual means the same thing as gay but is not often used by lesbian women or gay men themselves. Lesbian means you are attracted to and have loving relationships with other women. Non-Heterosexual means you are not exclusively attracted to and having relationships with the opposite sex.

Cathedral Building,
64 Donegall Street
Tel 07729 105175
Email Support Line

The Rainbow Project
8 Commercial Court
Tel 028 90 319030

The Lesbian Line
Tel 028 90 238668

PO BOX 160, Belfast

NorthernIrelandGayRightsAssociation (NIGRA)
Tel 028 90 665257 PO BOX 44, Belfast


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