Mental Health

Do you remember that song “Everybody hurts…..” well, at some point in our lives we may suffer from mental ill-health. You might be going through depression, or you may know a friend who self-harms. Have you thought about taking your own life? Or you are worried someone close to you is thinking about suicide. Mental health can impact us in different ways such as:
> Anxiety
> Stress
> Depression
> Self harm
> suicidal
> panic attacks
>eating disorders
> phobias

We all have some ways of coping, but sometimes it is not enough, so to prevent times of downward spiral you need to look after yourself by looking after your:

★Physical health (leave that junk food and eat more fruit and veg, less processed food.
you need to get a good sleep on a regular basis and being active can help too.)
★Emotional health (a good circle of friends is always very supportive in times of troubles
and always offer a listening ear. It goes the same with family members. Get yourself
involved in activities you enjoy… if you can find them in your community it helps even more.)
★Having a job that you like or studying something you enjoy always help your moods and
makes you feel that you are doing something worthwhile. Avoid boredom as it will always
have an impact on your mood and can lead you into places you don’t want, so build a bit of
structure to your life.

If you are having difficulties in coping with life there are services who can help you and are close by. You can find them in the “find section”.


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