Sexual health

Sexual health is a positive aspect of your life and important for health and wellbeing. This means body, mind and emotions, along with the social side of being sexual. Sexual health is about you taking care of yourself and your partner. Most young people don’t have sex until the legal age of 16 or older. Don’t rush, feel safe and be safe. By using condoms you can protect your sexual health. Using a condom isn’t a 100% guarantee – but it offers good protection.


Cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are increasing. If you have unprotected sex, your health is at risk. An important thing to remember with STI’s is that they don’t always have clear symptoms, so quite often you may not even know you have an infection. So if you ever engage in unprotected sex it is very important that you go to a local clinic and get checked out, because its not only you that’s in danger, but your partner also.  You can be sure of patient confidentially when you attend the clinic. In UK, young people aged 16-24 accounted for:

Everyone, including under 17’s, can get free confidential advice and info on contraception. It is both partners responsibility. If you have had unprotected sex, after-sex contraception can help prevent pregnancy. The quicker you get advice and emergency contraception the more effective it is. You can get free after-sex contraception from Family Planning Clinics, Brook, HYPE, YAC and your GP.


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